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Type of Events

Craft Show- HAND-MADE ITEMS ONLY, being sold at pre-paid tables. This event (indoors or outdoors)  is filled with a variety of items including but not limited to jewelry, wood, ceramics, accessories (fabric, knitted, crochet items), art (paintings, photography). Great atmosphere to spend the day. Many crafters travel the Craft Show circuit to sell items so that there is no overhead of renting a store. Treazure Scapes sends vendor invitations, handles set-up/break-down, runs food court, handles pre-event advertising.


Craft/Vendor Show- See above. Additionally, an avenue is offered to merchants to re-sell “non-handmade” items.


Dance Marathons- Individuals/Couples/Groups obtain supporting pledges from patrons and dance for a maximum number of hours mutually agreed upon by organization and Treazure Scapes. Treazure Scapes will secure a venue, send out fliers/invitations, handle community advertisement, hire entertainment, run food court, etc.


Dinner Dance- Dinner/dancing with music provided. May include guest speaker(s) who support and promote your cause. An evening of enjoyment and networking to raise awareness as well as money for your organization. Treazure Scapes will book the location, handle sending out personalized invitations to your guests, contact and secure guest speakers as agreed upon, hire and secure entertainment and room décor.


Food and Fashion- Enjoy and evening of food, fashion and fun to support your Organization. Can include music and/or dance, raffles as well as invited guest speakers. Resource information may also be available at your event.


Golf Tournament- A day of fun on the Golf Course while raising funds for your Organization.


Party With a Purpose ©- Host an event  (mutually agreed upon location/date/time) and Treazure Scapes, LLC  will set up and run the event. We provide an invitation for you to send out. You don’t need to buy any products or samples. Treazure Scapes knows you are busy and have a lot going on in your life so our goal is to help you have a non-stressful, financially successful fundraising event. A portion of the net proceeds are donated to the charity of your choice.


Tombola- A traditional Italian bingo-like game, where a random ticket is drawn from a box or drum, for prizes. (Note: Candidates must be a registered 501c3 and must possess a valid state gaming license)


Tricky Tray- Previously known as a “Chinese Auction”, prizes/baskets are lined up and attendees place pre-purchased tickets in a container corresponding to the item(s) they hope to win. (Note: Candidates must be a registered 501c3 and must possess a valid state gaming license) Treazure Scapes will contact merchants/organizations on your behalf to seek donations that may be auctioned. Supplementary items are also secured for auction and food court provided.


Walk-A-Thon- An organized walk to benefit your Cause. As well as being an excellent fundraiser, Walk-A-Thons help to build community, increases health awareness and exercise, help to raise public awareness and may also assist in identifying new company partners, advocates and volunteers. Individual and groups walk for set distances or times. Funds may be  raised through sponsorships and donations to participants as well as registration fees. Hybrid walks can also be organized to incorporate other simultaneously run events.


Wine Tasting- Sample a variety of wines and cheeses. May also feature guest speakers, auction of a variety of event related products such as gourmet foods, wines, glasses and paraphernalia.




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“Source: 2014 National Health Observances, National Health Information Center, Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Washington, DC.”

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